Build your own gaming keyboard!

Have you ever wanted a fully customizable gaming keyboard? Build one today!

Start with a barebone keyboard. For instance, our Galaxy 75. This  keyboard allows you to easily exchange the switches and keycaps based on your preferences.

Choose the right mechanical keyboard switches for you. Whether you prefer the smoothness of the linear switches (e.g. Gateron Yellow or Cherry MX Silver) or the responsiveness of the clicky switches (e.g. Kailh Box White or Cherry MX Blue), you could customize it based on your preferences. 
Read more in our beginner's guide to mechanical keyboard switches:

Find the perfect keycaps for your keyboard. Do you want the retro feel of the 9009 dye sub keycaps or the beauty of the Dreamscape dye sub keycaps? Or maybe you want to create a magical atmosphere in your room by giving your keyboard an elegant design from one of the Pudding Keycaps Sets.
Read more in our beginner's guide to keycaps set:

Here is where you can find the building blocks of your keyboard