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      • Double Shot PBT Keycaps 108 Backlit Milk Pudding Keycap Set OEM Profile Translucent Keycaps Kit for Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard , ANSI / ISO ( european) layout, this keyset fits most 60% , 82, 84, 87 ,104 and 108 keys keyboards
      • Black topped keycaps with translucent legends , perfect at night for a milky effect on your backlit RGB Gaming Keyboard .
      • White Translucent Keycap bottoms
      • Compatible with Cherry Mx Switches, Gateron Switches, Kailh Box Switches, outemu switches.


      Note:  this keycaps set is standard ANSI / ISO layout, it doesn't fit most of Razer, Gigabyte, Corsair, Logitech mechanical keyboards. Because the size of the Space Bar / Ctrl / Win / Menu and Alt keys are different. 


      → The caps are doubleshot backlit PBT; 

      → This keyset is standard ANSI / ISO layout; 

      → The thickness of the backlit pbt keycaps is about 1mm, the height is OEM profile; 

      → The keycaps fit most 60% / 87 TKL/104/108 mx switches(such as Cherry MX, Kailh, Outemu, Gateron ect.) mechanical keyboards. But the size of the Space Bar / Ctrl / Win / Menu and Alt keys of some keyboards maybe different from this keyset, so you can confirm with us, if you are not sure about the keycaps size of your keyboard.  

      Keycaps Size: 

      → Ctrl: 1.25u 

      → Win: 1.25u 

      → Alt: 1.25u 

      → Menu: 1.25u 

      → Space Bar: 6.25u 

      Compatible Models: 

      This keycap set fit most style 60% / 87 TKL / 104 / 108 mx switches mechanical keyboards. Such as Ducky, iKBC, Anne PRO 2, Redragon, Motospeed, Filco, HyperX, Leopold, Rosewill, Das, Qisan, Azio, RK, G.Skill, HAVIT, Ajazz, DREVO, Glorious, Pictek, Perixx , Vortexgear KBC Poker , GK 61, Doomhammer Etc. 

      Note that the size of the Space Bar / Ctrl / Win / Menu and Alt keys of some models maybe different from this keyset.


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