Buying new keycaps for your mechanical gaming keyboard?

Why buying keycaps?

The first thing you see on a keyboard is the keycaps set. The keycaps layout, design and color provide a first impression of your gaming setup. If you plan to replace your keycaps, you should consider the keycaps material, keycaps profile and the design in order to choose the one that suits your gaming setup the best. If you have a keyboard with RGB lighting, you should consider doubleshot or pudding keycap sets. These keycaps are transparent, perfect for RGB, as the lights will shine through. 

There are many keycaps for keyboards. For instance, dye sublimation keycaps (“dye sub”), rubberized keycaps (“rubber” keycaps), pudding keycaps, double shot PBT keycaps. Take a look at our beginner's guide to choosing the best keycaps sets

How to change keyboard keycaps?

 Use a keycap puller to remove the keycaps. Hot swap keyboards do not require you to solder / desolder switches. This makes it much easier to change them. In order to remove the keycaps, you should place the two arms of the keycap puller over the sides of the key, making sure it is properly anchored, and remove the key. There will be a click sound which confirms the detachment of the keycap.