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Buying a mechanical gaming keyboard

Why buying a mechanical gaming keyboard?

Stepping up your gaming demands more than a normal keyboard, so consider buying a mechanical gaming keyboard with advanced features to improve your gaming potential. In PC games every keystroke makes a difference between winning or losing and a mechanical gaming keyboard can be your ticket to victory. In mechanical keyboards, each key has its own switch that provides better feedback depending on the switch type (linear, tactile or clicky). Check out: a beginner's guide to mechanical keyboard switches.

Similar to gaming mice, RGB keyboards, commonly known as rainbow keyboards, have color backlighting. Our GK61 is an affordable mechanical gaming keyboard with great features, i.e. responsive optical Gateron switches, swappable optical switches and customizable RGB backlighting. Looking for a gift? A gaming keyboard such as the GK61 is one of the best gifts for gamers.

How to choose the best mechanical gaming keyboard?

Optimize your gaming sessions with premium keyboard features and gaming accessories. While responsiveness, Gateron switches, and an affordable price tag suit everyone's needs, you may prefer something beyond the stock model. The GK61 comes standard in black, white, red, purple, pink, and Malibu blue. Switch the RGB back light on or off to suit your mood or customize the effects completely to create your own unique style. 

This custom mechanical keyboard goes beyond aesthetics, however. It offers hot-swappable optical Gateron switches, and super easy programmable key maps and macros. Rather than offering only standard brown, blue, and red, you can also get black, silver, and yellow switches. Check out: Review of HK Gaming's GK61 Keyboard. Customize your keyboard switches today with linear switches, tactile switches or clicky switches. Decorate your keyboard with dye sublimation keycaps or rubber keycaps to customize your gaming setup.