HK Gaming's GK61 Best Mechanical Keyboard

Review of HK Gaming's GK61 Keyboard

The quest for the best gaming keyboard can lead you in many directions, but the GK61 mechanical gaming keyboard may be the perfect end to your search. Not only has it attracted tens of thousands of excellent reviews, but it also fits squarely into any budget.

What makes the GK 61 mechanical gaming keyboard great? 

The features at a glance include:

  • Responsive optical gateron switches
  • Customizable RGB keyboard backlighting
  • N-key rollover (NKRO) for keystroke accuracy
  • Swappable optical switches
  • Sturdy plastic and aluminum plate construction

As an affordable mechanical keyboard specifically designed with gamers in mind, this model offers a lot straight out-of-the-box. Its compact size, detachable USB cable, and cross OS compatibility, makes it ultimately portable so you can game anywhere at any time. The product comes with key pullers so you can customize for your specific needs and preferences. This is one thing that makes the GK61 stand out among other products in its price range.

When it comes to comfort for long gaming sessions, the mechanical keyboard keycaps have standard OEM profiles to reduce overall size. Many users like the slightly textured tops and long-lasting letters and symbols. As easily as you can replace the switches, however, you can also swap out the keycaps for a different style.

You do not have to give up your function or arrow keys to have a smaller keyboard perfect for portable gaming. They exist on the far right and can be used with one hand. This allows you to play your own way instead of being forced into rigid keybind options.

The stabilizers are pre-lubed, but like everything else on this gaming keyboard, you can mod them to your tastes. The set up on the GK61 delivers smooth, quiet use already, so you never have to worry about excessive clacking getting in the way of the game's audio or interrupting your trash talk directed at other players.

Custom Mechanical Keyboard Gives Gamers Options

Every gamer is different. While responsiveness, fast and smooth gateron switches, and an affordable price tag suit everyone's needs, you may prefer something beyond the stock model. The GK61 comes standard in black, white, red, purple, pink, and Malibu blue. Switch the RGB back light on or off to suit your mood or customize the effects completely to create your own unique style.

This custom mechanical keyboard goes beyond aesthetics, however. It offers hot-swappable optical gateron switches, and super easy programmable key maps and macros. Rather than offering only standard brown, blue, and red, you can also get black, silver, and yellow switches. Your choice effects key smoothness and responsiveness to some degree. People who take their gaming life seriously probably have a favorite already. If you do not know what works best for you, you can always switch them out in the future to try something new. Download the software from HK Gaming for even more customization options.

When it comes to creating your perfect mechanical gaming keyboard, you may think you have to trade the number of options for cost. With the GK61 mechanical gaming keyboard, you can stay within your budget and still get a smooth, responsive, and stylish experience right out of the box. The customization options inherent in this keyboard make it a great choice for anyone.