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From the people
From the people
It’s a wonderful hotswappable mechanical keyboard with Gateron yellows, which are linear. I have added foam in the base and I lubed the switches with super lube and put on the custom Akko world tour Tokyo keycaps. The keyboard is amazing to type on and also for gaming
— George
HK Gaming GK61 Review - Wonderful hotswappable custom keyboard
From the people
After researching about custom keyboards, I figured this would be a good base to get started. This board is made using the GK61 PCB from ePathBuy, which means you can customize to your liking beyond just the keycaps. All in all, this keyboard is fantastic for the aspiring custom keyboard junkie like myself.
— Alex
HK Gaming GK61 Review - Good keyboard for a great price
From the people
Love the caps. Everything you need for any layout you may use. No obvious font print problems. Keep in mind this is a review for the 9009 color scheme. It may vary for any others.
— Jose
HK Gaming Keycaps 9009 Review - Great budget caps. Used daily on my travel/work build
From the people
Let me tell you, this mouse is great. It's very, very light and the left/right clicks and mouse wheel feel good. The material is nice and doesn't flex even when gripped tightly. I LOVE the paracord cable! It has onboard profiles so you don't have to keep the software running all the time. Although I will say the software is simple and the best mouse software I've had to deal with.
— Jason
HK Gaming Mira S Ultra Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse | Honeycomb Shell | 61 Grams | max 12000 cpi | USB Wired | 6 programmable Buttons | On-Board Memory | Anti Slip Grips